Rush for this semester has ended and will be held again in the fall of 2019


Frequently asked questions

When can I rush?

We hold rush at the beginning of every semester. Like our Facebook page or visit this website for updates!

I'm already in another Greek-letter society. Can I still join Theta Tau?

Unless you are in Alpha Rho Chi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Kappa Eta Kappa, Sigma Beta Epsilon, Sigma Phi Delta, or Triangle, you may still join Theta Tau! Theta Tau is not competitive with honor societies or social fraternities and sororities.

How do you pronounce Theta Tau?

Great question! Contrary to popular belief, the "tau" in Theta Tau is actually pronounced TAW (rhymes with "raw" and makes for some TAUsome puns) and not TAO (rhymes with "how"). And if you do not know how to pronounce theta, you are not a true engineer.


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