Chad Derosier

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Major: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Kailua, Hawaii

I’m a senior studying Electrical Engineering, with interest in power systems design, drones, and renewable energy. When I’m not grinding in the classroom, you can probably find me deep in the books at the Campus Center. If you don’t find me there, call 911, I’ve gone missing. Just kidding. I’m a big fan of hockey, water polo, and surfing. I play club water polo for SC, and I would be surfing every Friday morning if it weren’t for my 10am quiz in electromagnetics. Other than that, I’m a big fan of making homemade açaí bowls, DIY projects that end up involving a lot of woodworking, biking abnormally long distances on my fixie, playing the saxophone and ukulele, hiking, hammocking, honing my culinary skills, and honestly anything that doesn’t involve sitting around indoors and doing nothing.